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Are you looking for a better return on your investment?

Our business model produces a
20-40% return on cash investment (ROI).

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Thinking about retirement?

Own your own business with
no employees, a part time vehicle
providing generous returns
for your retirement.

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Do you like the security of a developed
“franchise” business model?

We offer our business model as a tool
to help you build a successful business.
It mimics a franchise model, but without
the corporate rules or the hefty fees.

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Do you want to invest in your family’s future?

This is a great way to help secure your
family’s future well-being with a business
that can be run and managed within your own family.

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Do you need a tax shelter opportunity?

Your car wash equipment is depreciable
property over 5-7 years, an excellent tax shelter.

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Would you like to be your own boss,
without the hassle of an employee staff?

Your car wash will be operable 24/7 with minimal site maintenance.
Many of our investors find they can manage alone,
or with one part-time employee.

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Would you like to be able to invest in “real property” assets
with minimal cash investment?

Most lenders require only 20% down for your car wash project.

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What if this is your first time investing in anything?

No problem! Most first-time investors that we’ve worked with
have never invested before. With this investment opportunity
most of our investors are able to continue their current
employment and still maintain their business to help supplement
their income or build their retirement.

A World Of Investment Opportunities - Which One Is Right for You?

Consider a car wash franchise opportunity for your investment portfolio. Some investment opportunities, such as savings accounts or CDs, may offer less than 1% return on investment (ROI). Of course there are riskier options, such as the stock market or business buy-ins that may provide closer to 5%-10% ROI, but counting on those returns may be questionable at best. The stock market can be a daily gamble, and investing in other people's business ideas can be just as unstable. Learn More >>

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